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AdixPL Player that goes through walls.

Report players who broke the rules here.
Hello dear EpicRow staff, I come this day with the complaint about the player "AdixPL".

He has been going through the walls at base one all day and he also uses the vehicle to annoy the player and drives at an incredibly high speed that even "Dextroamphetamine" does not give him that speed.

And the vehicle you use is indestructible and is never damaged.

Thanks for reading, I hope and you can do something about it so that EpicRow continues to be the best server in the entire MTA.

By Lucy-Sama

Video Link:
I see no reason to report here, player uses dmt and animation, And by the way you can set recording under the button
We have updated our Anti-Cheat system to prevent this exploit, please let us know if it continues to happen.
Rest assured that if these types of new account cases occur, I will make the report.

Drakath, thanks for responding and helping me.

Good day and regards.