Make Zombies Great Again!

Chat bubbles

Following chat messages has just become easier! All chat messages will now temporarily appear on top of player heads.
This feature can be toggled in the misc category of the settings panel.


We have released a number of improvements and measures to prevent various exploits in the PvP zone and ensure a fair experience for everyone.

VIPs will no longer be able to warp inside the PvP zone with the exception of squad bases (warping from squad bases is also possible).
Military and PvP teams can no longer inflict damage to each other.
The PvP warning will now appear before entering the PvP zone.
The time until PvP is activated has been reduced to 3 seconds.
Combat Shotgun can no longer inflict headshots to players.
Some animations can no longer be played inside PvP zone.
The PvP zone has been expanded north to include some ocean area for naval battles.
Fixed disconnection penalties applying after death to zombie players.
Fixed combat timers not disappearing after dying.

New reward system
The amount of money that the killer takes from the victim will now depend on how much money the killer has. This means that players can only take as much money as they can lose. If the environment kills a player, the money loss only depends on the victim's money.
Rewards for players who are near spawn points have been completely disabled. This mean that no money will be lost when dying near a spawn point and no money will be gained for killing players near spawn points.

Account wipe

As of 2020 March 5th, we will begin the database cleanup process.
All server accounts which were not logged into since 2019 will be erased.
This is approximately 89% of all server accounts.

If you have an old account which you would like to keep then make sure that you log in with it now.
If you miss this announcement, you can still ask your account to be recovered in the support forum until 2020/04/01. After that, these accounts will be lost forever.

The K.A.C.C. Facility

Today we are bringing you a new game mission. The goal of this mission is to investigate a secret underground military facility located at Las Venturas, K.A.C.C. Military Fuels. Not only is this facility infested with zombie soldiers and crawlers, but it also on the brink of collapsing. There is loot in various places and those who reach the end will get cash and XP rewards. Many challenges await so gather your team and get ready!

Credits to our mapper Hoyt for this incredible piece of work!

The mission is indicated by a bulldozer icon on the map.

ER-ZRPG v4.8

This release features overhauled zombie AI, a new type of enemy and many other improvements and bug fixes.

General changes
Minimum Nemesis damage for reward has been reduced to 250.
Bosses are no longer immune to grenades.
Global and local walkers will now use the same skins.
Bombers no longer spawn in Restricted Area to prevent newbies from dying.
New zombie fighting and female zombie sounds were added.

Bug fixes
Local zombies spawning in safezones.
Camera alerting zombies.
Global zombies targeting players that are in other dimensions.
Global walkers not chasing players in stealth mode sometimes.

Zombies will now act more realistically. Instead of instantly knowing where the players are, they will search for them. Zombies will attempt to investigate the sounds they hear. Zombies in alerted zones will still be able to target players instantly. After a target gets out of their sight for a period of time, which depends on whether the zone is alerted, zombies will lose their current target.
Fighting mechanics have also been worked on. Local walkers will now stop when being damaged. Some zombies can now become extra aggressive, which means they will start to chase their target much faster when they get close. Their aggressiveness factor depends on the time of the day. At daytime, there is 30% chance that a zombie will be aggressive, at nighttime (21:00 – 06:00), this chance increases to 50%.
Zombies will now react to being burned. Although this does not mean much since fire weapons are not available yet, but it may be in the future.
Chargex will now walk more often and will no longer walk out of the arena.

Crawlers (new enemy)
Crawlers are a new type of global zombie. At daytime, they hide under the ground in various shafts, tunnels and caves. During the night (21:00 – 06:00), they surface on the ground and hunt wandering humans. Crawlers mostly reside in Bone County, but may sometimes be stumbled upon in different areas as well. They are among the fastest enemies out there, sometimes surpassing the speed of humans. Crawlers are able to poison their targets with their stingers. Their main weakness is that they are rather fragile and will quickly die from a few shots.
Poison is a status effect that inflicts 5HP damage every 5 seconds.
Crawler rewards: $40-70, 5 XP.


ER-ZRPG v4.8.1:
Fixed various issues regarding zombies inside interiors.
Fixed Crawlers not being immune to head shots.
Increased Crawler spawn chance.


This update includes a highly requested feature. We have created 3 brand new safehouses mapped by our mapper Hoyt.

To prevent the problem of there being a lack of houses, each safehouse can be bought by every player. This works similarly to private shamal interiors.

Every main base includes an apartment which you can purchase. Safehouses are indicated by a green arrow.
When purchased, keeping it requires paying rent every 30 days (prices differ per each safehouse).
If you fail to pay rent in the first 30 days, the next rent price will become 3 times higher.
If the rent is not paid for another 30 days, you will lose your safehouse.

Safehouses currently contain two utility features.

By jumping on the bed, you will start to slowly regenerate your health.

You can store up to 50 items. The maximum weight of each safe is 100.
In the event that you lose your safehouse, all of its items will be lost as well.

There is no limit to how many safehouses you can own, as long as the rent is being paid on time.
It is also possible to visit someone else's safehouse. To do that, it is required for the owner to be inside their safehouse.
By going to the green arrow, you can type in the name of the owner and request to visit their safehouse.
If the owner accepts the request, you will be transported to it.


This update replaces the outdated skin changer with a new skin shop and adds some changes to player skins.

The default male skin has been changed from SWAT to soldier and default female skin has been changed to a modded skin that was removed a few years ago. We are not yet sure whether the modded skin will be kept or if it will be moved to custom mods installer.

There are 3 skin shops in every public base. Each skin shop includes 5 military type skins that are available to all players. The rest of the skins will stay a VIP feature.

Special thanks goes to TimonMi for contributing to this update.

Status effects

This update imposes a new structure to player status effects.

Status effects are conditions that influence gameplay in some way.
An example of such conditions are drug effects and zombie virus mutations.
Before this update, players were not able to see which conditions are active and how long do they last.
To resolve this issue, each status effect will now have its own icon that will be displayed on the right side of the screen.
To view status effect details, players will simply have to press and hold the 'b' key. These details include the status effect name and timer.
All status effects and their duration are saved to the account.
If the player dies, all status effects will be removed.


Drug items now have their Info tab in the inventory, which includes the description of their effect, duration and other information.

Adrenaline duration has been changed to 30 seconds.
Morphine duration has been changed to 2 minutes.

Some drugs may give the player an addiction.
Addiction is a negative status effect with a duration of 48 minutes (2 in-game days). When using an addictive drug there is a chance to become addicted to it. The percentage of that chance is written in the item's Info tab in the inventory.

Each addiction has different withdrawal symptoms, which will take effect if the player stops using that drug.
At the moment, there are two kinds of addictions (and their withdrawal symptoms):
Dextroamphetamine addiction - Slows down game speed by 20%.
Morphine addiction - Increases damage taken by 50%.

In short, there are three ways a player can avoid withdrawal symptoms:
1. Keep using that drug (there is a chance that addiction timer will be reset)
2. Wait until the addiction is gone
3. Die (removes all status effects)


One of the annoying parts about the infection system was the fact that many players would not notice that they have become infected or what stage of infection they are currently at.
This update includes many new status effects:
Zombie virus I - First stage of the infection (Antidote fully cures the infection)
Zombie virus II - Second stage of the infection (Antidote suppresses the infection for 24 minutes)
Satiated - Once this status effect ends, the zombie player will die. Its initial duration is 5 minutes, but it is set to 10 minutes every time the zombie players eats a human player.
Mutation - Once this status effect ends, a mutation will occur.
Jump boost, Hunter vision, Grapple - Zombie mutations.

Every zombie will also have a Resistance effect status effect, which is the same one Morphine grants; however, it does not expire as long as the player stays a zombie.

There were also some other changes to give zombie players a bit of an advantage:
Grapple hook cooldown when not hooking a player has been reduced to 10 seconds (player hooking still causes 30 second cooldown).
Damage inflicted has been increased by 10 hp.
Jump boost status effect (Hooper legs mutation) now prevents fall damage from small heights.

Inventory, Weapons & Shops

Today we are releasing a set of updates that will introduce new gameplay changes to the server.

The inventory will contain 4 new categories.
All category - lists all items in the inventory.
Favorite category - lists all items in the favorites list.
Weapons & Ammo categories - more about that later.
Items can be added to the favorites list by selecting the item and pressing the 'F' key.
Some items can now include a special description. If an item has such a description, an Info button will appear after selecting it.
Timers for items such as food or medkit can now be cancelled without losing the item.

The update also includes numerous UI improvements.
  • A close button has been added to the top right corner.
  • Items can now be navigated using arrow keys.
  • Various functions are accompanied by sound effects.
  • Newly added items are highlighted in green color.
  • Other design changes.

Weapons and ammo are now included in player's inventory.
Each weapon can be individually equipped or unequipped. This means that it is now possible to have multiple weapons of the same category, for example pistol, silenced pistol and Deagle.

Unequipped weapons are not taken away from the inventory if the player dies, except for throwables (grenades, tear gas). Ammo is always lost regardless of whether the weapon is equipped or not. PvP drops will generate a single pickup with all dropped weapons and ammo.
Weapons are automatically unequipped once the player runs out of their ammo and cannot be equipped again until the respective ammo is present in the inventory.

Each weapon has its own weight, whereas ammo does not add any carry weight to the inventory.
Like any other item weapons and ammo can be dropped.

Weapon stats
In the past the only information players had about their weapon stats was the number of stat points they have accumulated. It was rather cryptic and hard to understand what it actually does. To solve this problem, we have added a couple of new features.
Skill points are just like XP points, once a certain threshold is reached, the skill level will increase. There are three skill levels: Poor, Average and Pro.
Once a player reaches a new skill level, a popup will appear just like it does with leveling up. It will display what exact characteristics of the weapon have been upgraded.

Viewing detailed weapon skill information is also possible by opening the weapon's Info tab in the inventory. It will display your current skill level and weapon characteristics for that skill level as well as the skill points required to progress to another skill level.

The UI of Ammu-Nation and restaurants have been replaced with the inventory interface. Items can be bought by selecting them and then pressing the 'E' key. A window asking to specify the quantity and displaying the price will appear.

Weapon pricing:
Overall, weapons are now much cheaper due to significantly lower ammo prices, however they require a bigger initial investment in order to purchase the weapon itself.

Armor is now available as an item in the Aid category. Its price has been reduced to $1000. Equipping this item will fully replenish player's armor, however it cannot be unequipped like weapons.

Other changes
PvP airdrops now utilize the inventory system and have different items than before.
Melee weapons are now dropped in PvP. This only applies to weapons that are in the inventory (weapons generated in the VIP panel or picked up in bases are excluded).
Houses will contain inventory pickups instead of plain weapons. It will also be visible to players that are invited. Ammo rates in house loot have been increased.
Squad weapon bundles will now only give out ammo to avoid problems such reaching the carrying capacity limit.
Lowered stat point requirement for shotgun and Spaz-12 to inflict PvP headshots from 500 to 200.

ERPhone - Notification badges, music app

Another ERPhone update has been released. This time the update includes various improvements and new features to the current apps as well as the ERPhone itself.

GUI has been resized to better adapt on different screen resolutions.
Apps can now include notification badges in the corner of their icons. Currently this only utilized by the SMS app to display the number of unread messages.

The features of the Music app have been extended.
You can now listen to music by specifying a custom URL.
Audio tracks can also be added to a favorites list which works in the same way as favorite animations list.
To add a custom audio track to your favorite list, play it first and it will appear at the end of the main list. You can then favorite it by clicking on the respective button.

Animations app
Added a search bar.
All current favorite animation lists were reset.

Fixed messages not being sent sometimes.
Fixed level app not updating after leveling up.
Fixed player lists not updating after opening ERPhone.
Fixed search icon not displaying sometimes.
Server status:

Players: 26/256
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