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Lucy-Sama provocations, REC:)

Report players who broke the rules here.
@derequyt, I agree that newbie players should not be punished for stealing vehicles that could be locked, could you specify which staff member(s) do so and do you have any evidence of it?
iiFelix wrote: I caught Lucy-Sama bullying a player by telling him to cry
Please provide more context and don't cut the rest of the chatbox messages.

To everyone else, if you have a proper report reason and evidence, please make a separate report topic.
I didn't mean that players get punishments, I meant more that she reports such players for no reason, I meant what she wants to happen, not what is being done, she wants everyone to be punished but staff members don't always obey her, because her reports are pointless I mean more about her provocations and being hypocrite.
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