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Report staff members who are abusing the rules here.
First of all,I just entered the game and LAYTH messaged me to come PVP,and was constantly spamming me,to which in replied that -I am thinking of ways that how should I kill you- ,to which in response he muted me,abusing his administration powers,Take action against his atrocious acts thank you for co-operating
You insulted the user named ''Layth'' calling him stupid, and a kid to which he replied by calling you dumb,and for that,both of you were muted,this is clearly no abuse.
He was constant on his messages,either local-global-PM To which I commemorated by STUPID and KID Which is a no vulgar or either abusive.
Both are offensive.
If you want to offend each other use the PM or Local chat. Hoyt is correct to mute you.