This update imposes a new structure to player status effects.

Status effects are conditions that influence gameplay in some way.
An example of such conditions are drug effects and zombie virus mutations.
Before this update, players were not able to see which conditions are active and how long do they last.
To resolve this issue, each status effect will now have its own icon that will be displayed on the right side of the screen.
To view status effect details, players will simply have to press and hold the 'b' key. These details include the status effect name and timer.
All status effects and their duration are saved to the account.
If the player dies, all status effects will be removed.


Drug items now have their Info tab in the inventory, which includes the description of their effect, duration and other information.

Adrenaline duration has been changed to 30 seconds.
Morphine duration has been changed to 2 minutes.

Some drugs may give the player an addiction.
Addiction is a negative status effect with a duration of 48 minutes (2 in-game days). When using an addictive drug there is a chance to become addicted to it. The percentage of that chance is written in the item's Info tab in the inventory.

Each addiction has different withdrawal symptoms, which will take effect if the player stops using that drug.
At the moment, there are two kinds of addictions (and their withdrawal symptoms):
Dextroamphetamine addiction - Slows down game speed by 20%.
Morphine addiction - Increases damage taken by 50%.

In short, there are three ways a player can avoid withdrawal symptoms:
1. Keep using that drug (there is a chance that addiction timer will be reset)
2. Wait until the addiction is gone
3. Die (removes all status effects)


One of the annoying parts about the infection system was the fact that many players would not notice that they have become infected or what stage of infection they are currently at.
This update includes many new status effects:
Zombie virus I - First stage of the infection (Antidote fully cures the infection)
Zombie virus II - Second stage of the infection (Antidote suppresses the infection for 24 minutes)
Satiated - Once this status effect ends, the zombie player will die. Its initial duration is 5 minutes, but it is set to 10 minutes every time the zombie players eats a human player.
Mutation - Once this status effect ends, a mutation will occur.
Jump boost, Hunter vision, Grapple - Zombie mutations.

Every zombie will also have a Resistance effect status effect, which is the same one Morphine grants; however, it does not expire as long as the player stays a zombie.

There were also some other changes to give zombie players a bit of an advantage:
Grapple hook cooldown when not hooking a player has been reduced to 10 seconds (player hooking still causes 30 second cooldown).
Damage inflicted has been increased by 10 hp.
Jump boost status effect (Hooper legs mutation) now prevents fall damage from small heights.