Today we are releasing a set of updates that will introduce new gameplay changes to the server.

The inventory will contain 4 new categories.
All category - lists all items in the inventory.
Favorite category - lists all items in the favorites list.
Weapons & Ammo categories - more about that later.
Items can be added to the favorites list by selecting the item and pressing the 'F' key.
Some items can now include a special description. If an item has such a description, an Info button will appear after selecting it.
Timers for items such as food or medkit can now be cancelled without losing the item.

The update also includes numerous UI improvements.
  • A close button has been added to the top right corner.
  • Items can now be navigated using arrow keys.
  • Various functions are accompanied by sound effects.
  • Newly added items are highlighted in green color.
  • Other design changes.

Weapons and ammo are now included in player's inventory.
Each weapon can be individually equipped or unequipped. This means that it is now possible to have multiple weapons of the same category, for example pistol, silenced pistol and Deagle.

Unequipped weapons are not taken away from the inventory if the player dies, except for throwables (grenades, tear gas). Ammo is always lost regardless of whether the weapon is equipped or not. PvP drops will generate a single pickup with all dropped weapons and ammo.
Weapons are automatically unequipped once the player runs out of their ammo and cannot be equipped again until the respective ammo is present in the inventory.

Each weapon has its own weight, whereas ammo does not add any carry weight to the inventory.
Like any other item weapons and ammo can be dropped.

Weapon stats
In the past the only information players had about their weapon stats was the number of stat points they have accumulated. It was rather cryptic and hard to understand what it actually does. To solve this problem, we have added a couple of new features.
Skill points are just like XP points, once a certain threshold is reached, the skill level will increase. There are three skill levels: Poor, Average and Pro.
Once a player reaches a new skill level, a popup will appear just like it does with leveling up. It will display what exact characteristics of the weapon have been upgraded.

Viewing detailed weapon skill information is also possible by opening the weapon's Info tab in the inventory. It will display your current skill level and weapon characteristics for that skill level as well as the skill points required to progress to another skill level.

The UI of Ammu-Nation and restaurants have been replaced with the inventory interface. Items can be bought by selecting them and then pressing the 'E' key. A window asking to specify the quantity and displaying the price will appear.

Weapon pricing:
Overall, weapons are now much cheaper due to significantly lower ammo prices, however they require a bigger initial investment in order to purchase the weapon itself.

Armor is now available as an item in the Aid category. Its price has been reduced to $1000. Equipping this item will fully replenish player's armor, however it cannot be unequipped like weapons.

Other changes
PvP airdrops now utilize the inventory system and have different items than before.
Melee weapons are now dropped in PvP. This only applies to weapons that are in the inventory (weapons generated in the VIP panel or picked up in bases are excluded).
Houses will contain inventory pickups instead of plain weapons. It will also be visible to players that are invited. Ammo rates in house loot have been increased.
Squad weapon bundles will now only give out ammo to avoid problems such reaching the carrying capacity limit.
Lowered stat point requirement for shotgun and Spaz-12 to inflict PvP headshots from 500 to 200.