Another ERPhone update has been released. This time the update includes various improvements and new features to the current apps as well as the ERPhone itself.

GUI has been resized to better adapt on different screen resolutions.
Apps can now include notification badges in the corner of their icons. Currently this only utilized by the SMS app to display the number of unread messages.

The features of the Music app have been extended.
You can now listen to music by specifying a custom URL.
Audio tracks can also be added to a favorites list which works in the same way as favorite animations list.
To add a custom audio track to your favorite list, play it first and it will appear at the end of the main list. You can then favorite it by clicking on the respective button.

Animations app
Added a search bar.
All current favorite animation lists were reset.

Fixed messages not being sent sometimes.
Fixed level app not updating after leveling up.
Fixed player lists not updating after opening ERPhone.
Fixed search icon not displaying sometimes.