After a number of cases regarding account scamming, we have started working on new account security measures. Today they become available for the public.

Email verification:
Users can now verify their email addresses.
Registering a new account with an email address will prompt users to verify that email. It is also possible to receive an activation link in the account management panel (F2 -> Account).
Accounts with verified emails will be eligible for an extra layer of security. Unverified email addresses can now be changed or removed without any confirmation.

Login confirmations:
Users with verified email addresses can opt in to email login confirmations by ticking a checkbox in the account management panel.
This feature will prevent any unauthorized devices from logging in to your account.
Such login attempts will be sent to the verified email and the email owner will be able to either confirm it or leave it unauthenticated. A device only needs to be authorized once and can be later used to log in without any confirmation, unless the account owner manually resets all authenticated devices.
The email message will include the IP address and country from which the account has been attempted to log in to.
If an unwanted computer is accidentally authorized, the account owner can deauthenticate all computers in the account management panel.

Email notifications:
Accounts with verified email addresses will receive various notifications regarding their account.
Currently these include:
Password changes
Email changes (with confirmation)
Account deletion
Login confirmations (if enabled)

Settings panel:
Another small addition to the account management panel (F2 -> Account) is last account activity information.
This information will include the date and time of the last login to the account and the IP address of the computer that last accessed it.
The settings panel GUI had some tweaks as well to better appear on lower screen resolutions.