This updates brings new functionality to the rank system. The main purpose of this update is to increase the security in squads and extend the current permission system.

Rank hierarchy offers a structured way for squad managers to delegate permissions to members. Each rank has a position in the list that determines its hierarchy. The higher the rank's position in the list is, the higher its hierarchy.

Rank hierarchy affects the following permissions:
Set rank - Members who have this permission will no longer be able to set ranks of higher or same hierarchy.
Kick members - Members who have this permission will now only be able to kick members whose rank is of lower hierarchy.
Manage ranks - Members who have this permission will now only be able to edit/delete ranks of lower hierarchy.
Manage permissions - Members who have this permission will now only be able to set the permissions of lower hierarchy ranks and only if they already have those permissions themselves.

A new permission Change rank hierarchy has been introduced. This permission allows members to alter the hierarchy of lower ranks. By default, it is only enabled for Generals.

In order to change rank hierarchy, open the Ranks tab. There will be two new buttons with arrows shifting up and down. To increase the rank's hierarchy, click the arrow pointing to the top, the other button shifts the rank down the list, decreasing its hierarchy.

The General and Private ranks are universal and their hierarchy cannot be changed. This means that the General rank will always be the highest and Private rank will always be the lowest.

Another small change in this update is the squad destroy feature. /destroy command has been replaced with a button that can be found in the Settings tab.