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Got an unjustified ban or mute? Appeal it here.
Account name:
Serial or IP address:
Punishment reason:
i dont know
Punishment length:
Punishment issuer:
i dont know
Punishment date:
months a go
Why should we remove your punishment?:
i have the punishment the second time i entered to the server, I want to communicate with people and I cannot, i want to know the reason for the mute please
There should be a message in the chat telling you the mute reason and issuer.
I already checked , say: *you are permanently muted by console. reason:advertising* , I assure you I did not do any advertising I just said hello i level up and then i left , I feel tormented by not being able to speak , I can't be punished for something I didn't do , pls
Appeal rejected.
You were trying to post an IP of another server on 2018-01-16. You can purchase a mute removal at /shop