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Vehicles v1.9 - Tuning

News and updates.
Vehicle tunning is back! This time there are no shops, players will have to gather upgrade parts from ambient vehicles.
There is a total of 192 different upgrade parts. These upgrade parts are in form of items which have a separate category in the inventory called "Vehicle". Vehicle repair kit has been moved there as well.

How it works
Before doing anything, players will have to get a hold of an item called "Mechanic Tools". Currently this item can only be received by completing a shelter defense activity. There is a 25% chance that the item will be dropped.

We have decided not to add any more commands and instead create a selection mode. Selection mode can be toggled by pressing the 'M' key. When an ambient vehicle that contains upgrades is approached, players will be able to simply activate this mode and click on the vehicle part that they want to dismantle. This works similarly to part salvaging feature. After dismantling a certain part, it will appear in the player's inventory. This can also be done to a bought vehicle by the owner (except for VIPs).

Upgrades can be applied to any owned or ambient vehicle by using the upgrade item from the inventory. Not all vehicles are compatible with certain upgrades. Some upgrades are dedicated to a specific vehicle.

Dismantling wheels works a little bit differently. In order to apply an upgrade, it is required to have at least 4 wheels. It is possible that an ambient vehicle would not contain any upgrades, but most vehicles will have detachable wheels.
A wheel can only be detached if it is inflated. There is a chance that some wheels of ambient vehicles will be flat. Fixing vehicles by any method will make their wheels inflated.

Paintjobs are not available to free players, however it will be saved for those who have it.

Other changes
Vehicle type state in the panel is now saved.
Fixed vehicles being stuck in the air.
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