Make Zombies Great Again!


News and updates.
This update focuses on zombie bosses and their reward system.
We have listened to the community feedback and decided to change how rewards are issued.
There will now be a minimum damage that players need to inflict in order to receive a reward.
For Nemesis it is 300 HP and for Chargex it is 500 HP.

A new bonus of $5000 from both bosses has been added for players who deal the most damage.
Chargex finishing move bonus has been removed and the XP reward has been increased to 800.

Overall, what this means is bigger rewards for fighters and no more rewards for campers.

Other than the reward system, there were also a few other improvements.
The bug which made Nemesis shoot multiple rockets has been fixed and Nemesis map icon has been changed to Loco (blue skull).
Another bug that made special zombies spawn inside houses has also been fixed.

Zombie spawn rate in un-alerted zones has been reduced.
This is like moving from comunism (with a little bit of totalitarism regarding the finisher reward) to meritocracy. Wonderful!
At chargex its okay,but when nemesis spawn around 30 players try to kill it and if they all shoot to get the damage they might not be able to do it just for nemesis reduce the damage per player to 150 atleast so they all can get the reward.