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Serial number is locked by the system

Got an unjustified ban or mute? Appeal it here.
Account name:TvAngelGames
Serial or IP address:4D6D2CF8608F35E02C5CBF1A7A1F7CC2
Punishment: Ban or mute: ban
Punishment reason:advertising
Punishment length:i dont known
Punishment issuer (if known):i dont known
Punishment date (if known):i dont known

I'm tired of writing ...
I play calmly, the Russians came across, made friends, went to the farm a couple of times, fighting together ...
I do not remember why I wrote this "0123 ... 789"
There was a Russian, like I wanted to popiarit, and I stupidly wrote that Tipo these numbers will not help, as a result, the Bana System (Server) was accepted as a PR / Advertisement ...
During the entry, writes that the serial number is blocked and the reason is:advertising.
You understand, it was a very long time ago I remember that I wrote 01234 .. there was a guy in the chat wrote something similar to advertising .. and I lohanulas on another ...
There are people who are pushing these things up, but I do not remember what it really was, for whatever reason I wrote 0123456 ...
I did not think of going to the forum before and writing an application .. or as per your ...
I did not know the rules, I just played with Russian players, fighting on the farm protecting each other ... buying cars, skins and others, without going to the groups there, to the forum, to the site and others, For reviewing the rules of the server.
I realized the error.
Your ban has been lifted. Please avoid writing such things in the future.