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Serial bannad....

Got an unjustified ban or mute? Appeal it here.
Account name:BorosAttila
Serial or IP address:17B8D3FCB64FBEB70A05F1394FD87E52
Punishment:Ban or mute: banned
Punishment reason: advertising
Punishment length: punishment length is not shown there so i cant tell you punishment length
Punishment issuer (if known): i don't know
Punishment date (if known):16/03/2018,16:00/17:00pm Venezuela hour

Hello, Epic-Row Developers / admins / owners / owners, I'm a Hungarian empire and a Hungarian player on the server was on top! He asked me if I had TeamSpeak3, I say yes, then he told me to send him TeamSpeak3 IP, I copied it, then I opened the F8 and wrote it to say "IP" and 5-10 seconds after all, they have been banned with Serial, please, I wish you had a last chance, I swear I will change, this will not happen again, my buddy and I love this and we love playing here! Be kind to me! :cry: :cry: :|
Appeal denied.