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Hello to everyone,
I'm here to present a new squad! As you can see, the name of this squad it's "Lords of the Donuts"!
Every reference it's purely casual :roll: 8-)

A little premise. I'm here to play for having fun during my free time. This is a game, not real life. I think that it's a way to "escape" from the reality. I also think that, if during my gameplay I can meet new people and make new friendships, this is only can be better. I'm not here for making (or having) new problems. This is not necessary. And real life is always the first thing for us. Now I will illustrates all the things that we need to know.

Requirements for entering the squad
  • It's necessary to have a quiet good English level. What does it means? You don't have to be English, American, an English teacher... Nothing. You have to speak an English that allows you to speak normally with all the people. Errors are allowed, but you have to write (and speak) as better as you can. You have to be understood by people during conversations.

  • The respect (as the honesty and the maturity) it's very essential in this squad.

  • There isn't any age limit, but you have to be mature and honest. We are all here for having fun and stay together. We don't want to having problems. Don't forget this never.

  • After you joined this squad, you have to be always collaborative with all your mates. You also have to always answer to your mates if someone asks or tells something to you.

  • Sometimes can happen that we can have problem with someone. Remember that everything can be solved and we can talk about everything. You can also ask the squad staff for help.
  • This squad it's also a kind of place for every Italian player. But don't worry, everyone is welcome! :D
Our activities
There isn't a particular list of what we do. The following list it's only an idea about what we will do:
  • Helping new mates for everything

  • ZK increasing (kills made by single mates and by squad in general

  • Boss battles

  • PVP

Another, last, thing. Being "the first squad evah xdddd" is not in my interests. As I said before, the objective of this squad is another. Remember it.
We can do everything, we can also organize us for doing everything, so don't worry that we will don't do anything. Critical (civil and constructive) and proposals are always accepted for the better organization of this squad.

The squad is just birthed. We surely need to make changes, add new rules and thing and, in general, to adjust the organization.

So, if you want to have fun (and make a lot of laughs), to meet new people, make new friendships and kick asses, send your application for this squad!