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Hello! I simply wanted to announce that SIRIUS Squad is back again, has been re-created buy it's old & first leaders GamingForEver & Layth.

Leaders :
• Main Leader : GamingForEver, Layth.
• Secondary Leader : Iskander.
• General : GunFrost, Trickster.
• Leuitenant : N/A

Ranks :
• Rich : For survivors whom donated more than $750.000 to the squad.
• Sergeant Major : Sergeants whom we trust the most, donated more than $500.000 with a perfect reputation.
• Sergeant : Corporals whom still work by their rules and requirements, higher chance to become one of SIRIUS' leaders.
• Corporal : These are the Privates whom passed their trial experience, trusted SIRIUS members.
• Suspicious : Survivors with very a low reputation, given to rival squad members, mostly supervised.
• Private : New members, mostly supervised.
• Note : Once you join the squad, you'll get the "Suspicious" rank for more than 24hrs (depends on your reputation & activities).

Requirements :
• Decent acknowledge.
• Decent pvp skills.
• Decent server acknowledge.
• More than 30hrs playtime.
• More than 30k zombie kills.
• Active.
• Good reputation (friendly & non-rule-breaker)

Rules :
• Be respectful to squad mates and especially other squads.
• Don't beg for promotions or perks.
• If you get some rewards (from bosses, giveaways, etc...) you will have to deposit 20% of it.
• Avoid getting reported for making any sort of illegal action.

More :
• Well, I hope this reunion would pass with success like it did 4 or 5 years ago.

Regards, GamingForEver
Forgot to mention, /squad apply SIRIUS :D
Update:I have done some changes to a couple of things regarding the squad.

Rank requirement:
General: Accomplish missions handed over by high-ranked members.
Lieutenant: Acquire +200K ZKs
Sergeant Major: Acquire +150K ZKs
Sergeant: Acquire +100K ZKs
Corporal: Acquire +50K ZKs
As for the Suspicious rank, you are given this rank because you are suspected to gather our information and hand them over to our rival squad leaders for benefit. This rank usually lasts for as simple as a day and up to 7 days relying on your role in the rival squad.

• Regarding bosses, if you eliminate one and manage to obtain its reward then you are given the choice to either deposit 10-20% for more chances for ranking up or just keep them for yourselves.
• If you get reported, and it turned out that you're guilty then we declare innocence and are not responsible for your acts as it harms our reputation.

Additional stuff: If you leave the squad twice, you'll never be accepted back again.

Best regards


Happy Gaming!