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Advertisement bann

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I have seen lots of players being banned for advertising by writing numbers only.
I just want to say until you got a proof don't bann that player they just tell about money or skins Id and they get banned for advertising lots of people now a days in server don't write numbers because they are scared of thi s serial banners you should only bann those who write the name of the server... Not the ones who write numbers.
Don't take it too Sirious I know I don't have a right to tell admin what to do but...
I got banned before for writing /me has 1.000.000 :( :( :(
You know a little about artificial intelligence ? If you don't know, is hard to do a algorithm that have 100% of accuracy to do exactly what we want. We are improving our Anti-Cheat system at the moment, so don't be hurry because it takes time.