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[Gang/Organization] The Resistance [LEGAL&FRIENDLY]

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((Note : There was no place like "Gangs" So im posting it here.. Just to give people some interest in my gang)

The Resistance was started in 21st December of 2009 when the Apocalypse started, No one knew what was that infection.. Human started eating Human.. They were called the Zombies.

The Resistance started in 21st December of 2009 when the Zombie Apocalypse started and they decided to save people, They didn't have any base or headquarters but they have a little hide out somewhere. Their job is to save people who are in danger outside the Refuge. They also kill some zombies saving the refuge, trying not to let them in the refuge. The Resistance was started by Hesham, He picked his friend Pacla as the Sub Leader.

((If you want to see how many members we have use "/gangs" in game and search for "The Resistance"))
Nice can I join ?