Make Zombies Great Again!

The Division

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Welcome to offical Division unit topic. I am Commander Myrfin and i will show you our squad . At least that what i can .

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Motto : Extremis Malis Extrema Remedia

We are the first wave od agents from the SHD [Strategic Homeland Division] sended to San Andreas by executing Directive 51 by the President of the United States .
We are only sent in action in Extreme Situations . San Andreas Epidemic is one of them .
Our primary objcetive is to Investigate , How , When and Where Infection started . And find a way to cure it .
By now we have findout where did it all started but rest is still a big mistery .
We are leading State Wide Operations . Some are open to everyone but some are restricted to our unit .
We are not looking for a fight with the Survivors but if needed we will use lethal force . Do not mess with our business and we will not mess with your's.
Since our Arival to the State , many things has changed . Infection caused more Mutations causng more deadly zombies to show up .
Our agents was prepared for it , but then then ,,Uprising" happend . Some surivors has turn Hostile and attack other people . Even some Agents has gone Rouge .
By now we are the Biggest Unit in the state . But we are still looking for new Agents .
Information how to become agent will be writen later .
If you would want to help us in our mission , inform any of Division Agent about it . Or join Open Operations

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We are using standard isue military ranks .Recriut, Private , Sergeant , Lieutenant and General .

Recriuts are new members that just joined . Most of them are on Trial .
Privates has passed the Trial and they are true members of Division
Sergeants are Veterans . Survived a lot and killed many undead .Most of them are trustfull .
Lieutenants are second in command . Most trusted people in entire Division . Ask them about joining .

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We are largest squad so we have lots of members . Down bellow is only list of members in Headquarters .

Commander : Myrfin222
Lieutenants : RazorX3 , javiermigh , TRiNITY ,Cryomancer , patu
These people take care about Recriutction . More about it later .

For the full list of our member you have to join our ranks or ask Commander.

Before anyone can joine HQ need to make sure they are worth giving a chance .
Everything what we want from our Agents :

Decent English Knowledge
Decent Roleplaying Skills
Will to play
Personal culture
We don't care about your zombie kills , level or resets . If you are a cool guy and you want to stay for longer feel free to send application .

Some tips regarding recriutaction .
Ask only Once and do not ask every minute ,,can i join" or similar . More you do leser the chance
Show out your Roleplay skills by for example : Interact with something etc .
If you know some of basic military commands and phonetic alphabet , we will more likely accept you in .
Example : Cease Fire , Hold Postion , Secure the target etc. | Phonetic alphabet : Alpha , Foxtrot , Zulu etc .
Be active in chat and be polite .
Remember to Respect members of division . More will agree about you , bigger chance HQ will accept you .

Last Words

This is our unit . Our Division . I hope by this i will intrest more players in joining our ranks .
Other information about our Mission and Unit are Classefied . And only few have acces to it . And fewer can talk about it .

Signing out .
Sergeant Trinity has been promoted to First Class Lieutenant. Congratulations . Maybe few words if you are reading this .
mo7tf has been demoted to Third Class Sergeant . Reson : Begin inactive
Myrfin222 wrote:
Thu May 04, 2017 12:41 pm
Sergeant Trinity has been promoted to First Class Lieutenant. Congratulations . Maybe few words if you are reading this .
Its an honor to be flying the skies with you Vulture 1, I won't disappoint you o7
The Division's official Discord channel :
Come hang out with us.

People of San Andreas .
This morning i have recived a messege from the president with new orders . Order 55/1 . Withdraw from the Area of Operations .
After a Year and Six months Division will officaly withdraw from the state .
Our missions has finished we have all necessary intel . So we don't have anything more to do exactly for about 6 months .
Every Division Operative is free to leave without any kind of punishment from HQ .
I have to thank everyone who have put even small amount of effort in or missions it woudn't be posible without you .
This chapter is closed .
Official withdraw will happend on 15 August . Agents , pack your things and be ready to leave .
For the Last time .
Commander Out o7
The coolest squad that ever existed (after old version of SIRIUS of course)
Rest in peace, comrades of this squad.