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i have been baned

Got an unjustified ban or mute? Appeal it here.
Account name:Nieblain
Serial or IP address:C442EC80C92171E5D2B9185A53BCB912
Punishment: Ban or mute: ban
Punishment reason:advertising
Punishment length:i dont known
Punishment issuer (if known):i dont known
Punishment date (if known):12/03/2018 9:30 Venezuela Hour

I was playing and I wanted to make a joke to my brother gloktar by saying that I had $ 50,000,000 I wrote (I have $ 50,000,000) and I banned the console I do not want to be banned or my brother since my scuadron (MI6 ELITE) do week events and we want to do this week's event to earn some money and we also like this server very much. The other servers we do not like are very boring and we have played many hours and had many reset levels and we want to play a lot more and make us vip next year to play better as our friend AMEEN :( :oops: :?
Your ban has been lifted. Please avoid posting such things in the future.