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Ub remb

Got an unjustified ban or mute? Appeal it here.
Account name: remb
Serial number or IP address: 737E4B013BCA74E28A750D85D9E26912
Penalty: Prohibited or not
Cause of punishment: advertisement
Penalty length: does not appear
Penalty publisher (if known): console
Penalty date (if known): unknown

* Explain why you think the punishment was not justified. *
Dear employees,

I am very sorry for this but I had some bindings and I accidentally sent one of them to the server ip that long ago fell
I am very sorry about this, it will not happen again, it went unbind from f1 to f9

ps. Sorki for probably many mistakes, but I come from Poland, and English is not my good side
Appeal denied.
Key bind is not an excuse for advertising.