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Unban please

Got an unjustified ban or mute? Appeal it here.
Account name: *MuseAndy
Serial or IP address: * F1ABFEE07D401A351CCFF4ED4C673EB3 *
Punishment: Ban or mute : banned
Punishment reason: Advertising
Punishment length: is not show there
Punishment issuer (if known): i dont know
Punishment date (if known): 16/01/2018

*Explain why do you think the punishment was not justified.*
Dear staff ,

I accidentally put a bind [* bind f say .. *] of a server, I thought it had already been deleted, sorry it was not my intention, I'll be more careful , I swear

It was not my intention , sorry

I already eliminated the bind , sorry
Appeal denied.
Key bind is not an excuse for advertising.