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Unbann me PLease

Got an unjustified ban or mute? Appeal it here.
Dear Staff,
i already make 2 posts of this but i cant be unbann so its 3rd post now there i will be explain the reason
Account name: "AMEEN"
Serial or IP address: "71251AFB53A56257B252438ABF4C0802"
Punishment: Ban or mute: Banned
Punishment reason: Adevertising
Punishment length: punishement length is not shown there so i cant tell you punishment length
Punishment issuer (if known):i dont know [nvm]
Punishment date (if known): 9-1-2018
Explain why do you think the punishment was not justified: bro i just see a player named boss123 shows his money 5555555$ i just writing wow 5.5.5.m and i suddenly banned by console reason advertising. i did not do any adverise there bro teust me and i want to play this server i really missed this server please unbann me. Its just by a mistake i did not advert any advertisement there. I just Want to say Sorry for this mistake please unbann me its just by a mistake i just typed its not any IP please unbann me. you can check my logs file "console.log" as a proof that i di not do anny advertise there i just writing$ and suddenly banned .. I'm realy really sorry for that mistake and I'll applogized for that mistake now i never type that code again i di not know the Bot catch him any IP afress give me a second chance please unbann me :/
whats the wrong with me i explained very well but i did not unbanned... see this topic of another player he did not follow the appeal format but it was been unbanned in that day
I just want to say Sorry for this mistake and i did not doing any hurry i just said that why i was not unbanned i just want reason for this???
Appeal denied for spamming topics and posts. You may try to appeal again in 1 month.