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Unban me pls

Got an unjustified ban or mute? Appeal it here.

My name in server is "cRipsy." and I'm banned by console because of advertisement..
I didn't advertisement some other MTA servers or anything like that..I wrote on global chat "everyone who have teamspeak3 srv can join on my and we can play together..ip: {IP REMOVED}" and I didn't know that I will be banned because of that..if I knew that I will be banned because of that I would not do I'm very sorry for what I've done and please unban me..I will not do this anymore..
I really like server so I bought VIP with my own money and now I can't play anymore..I'm sorry.. :(

That's it. I hope I could convince you that I'm really sorry for that what I've done and that I will be grateful if you can unban me.

If I have some grammatical mistakes, sorry..
criPsy if you will advertise any of MTA Server or any other game server, you will be banned. It is according to rules.
Well as you shown proof it is proved that you advertised in server.
Yes I know that,so I didn't advertise and MTA or and game server..just TeamSpeak3..and ts3 is not game's "TeamSpeak is your ideal voice and text chat app for online gaming, education and training, internal business communication, and staying in touch with friends and family." but okey...admin are always right..
Posting your server/channel such as Discord or TS3 is considered indirect advertising. We have no control over your server so you could be easily advertising other game servers there. The chat message that you sent, which by they way is not what you have written in this appeal, appears to imply exactly that: "[2017-08-20 14:42:58] CHAT: cRipsy.: If someone using TeamSpeak3 can join my own server and get free VIP,ip: {IP REMOVED}". You are welcome to use these applications with your friends but advertising it in our server is completely prohibited.