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I Am banned perminent

Got an unjustified ban or mute? Appeal it here.
iam banned perminent Why plsss unbanned me plsss !!!
plsssss :( unbanned me last chance plssss request plssss last chance i cannot do any thing again i help player plss last final chance i have only epicrow server is the best for me !!! plsss unbanned me last chance

finally last chance plsss request plsss :| :| :|
After a closer review of your account history it was found out that you were scamming players multiple times, abusing bugs and harassing others countless times.
You have around 5 forum reports and even more server reports, therefore it was decided to change your ban duration to permanent.


Harassing players:

Your account was already terminated and you will not be unbanned so please do not post in this forum anymore. Doing so will only waste ours and yours time.