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Unban Application

Got an unjustified ban or mute? Appeal it here.
Name : FACE18G
Reason: Hacking
Date : 1 week ago
Admin who banned you: Drakath I think
Why you should be unbanned: Cuz it was not my fault, ekke told me that if you tell the truth you will get a lesser punishment but here I am banned for the whole month, and it was his fault as he started getting into my account, please unban me, ill never do that again
Please please please Unban me and give me and streetboss a last chance, i am just a new one, i beg you we wont do that again please unban both of us we wanna play, we only play this server.
Please, a request from me and streetboss :cry:
Why are you not replying Drakath??? I know you are ignoring me but I don't know why, just unbanned us and I'll not spam ever, just unban me and street boss
You both obviously got banned for a reason, accept it and stop posting here.
I accepted it but it's been 2 weeks isn't it enough ?
I told you to stop posting here.