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banned for no reason...

Got an unjustified ban or mute? Appeal it here.
hello drakath! i cant login anymore says im banned reason: advertising...but i did NOT advertise anything
here is my serial : B9AC6968D4BE2BF84A308D1D7B7E9954
Drakath Add How much days or hours we are banned -__- Becouse we need to know
Ban by advertising is permanent.
Do you want request your logs?
i know bans for advertising are permanent but honestly i did not advertise anything then why did i get banned? :(
I reviewed the logs. You were banned because you posted an IP address. I will lift your ban since the IP which you posted doesn't really lead anywhere. Be advised that if you do this again, you might not be forgiven next time.
thank you drakath
one last thing... what about my 3m? :mrgreen:
sorry for asking again and again
thank you brother!
im unbanned and got 3m back :)