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Got an unjustified ban or mute? Appeal it here.
HELLO,I was only telling about a new server to my frind than blizzard123 banned me.
i didnt do anything .
unban me plz :cry:

I Am new in this server and didnt know the rules but i now i know.
All players must read the rules before, sorry me but ads from other servers result in permanent ban.
As @Ulisses said you will not be unbanned because when entering the server all players are instructed about the server rules.

Do not insist more.
Lets play a little game everyone has to tell the guy before him that he is banned and give a reason any reason is possible even if its stupid
Example: i ban the air because it didnt post anything .
The next one has to tell me that im banned and tell the reason.
@Nikolaion If you are not in accordance with the rules of the server do not play it.
Whenever a player is banned he is forewarned about the reason.

Drakath wrote:Rules:
3. Please do not spam. Any post considered spam or advertisement will be removed.