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Unnecessary Ban

Got an unjustified ban or mute? Appeal it here.
Account name:

Serial or IP address:

Punishment reason:

Punishment length:

7 days
Punishment date:

Why should we remove your punishment?:

I was banned from writing some money during the game.
I have not advertised in any way.
I got a copy of the chat. I can prove if you want.
Please help, I can't enter the game. There is an injustice.
Your ban was removed. Please avoid posting such things in the future.
I couldn't find your account name to unmute you. It's because you have special characters in your nickname.
It seems that the post author wrote their nickname instead of their username. Please post your username (the one you write in the login panel).
*_*[email protected]@bıç@k*_* this is my real name in the game.
Please remove the me mute.
Because of this "ıç" special characters the console doesn't recognize your account. I recommend you to change your nickname.
I cannot deposit money on the game due to a server error.
If you give me coins to change my name. I dont have that much money.
I'm a victim.Please fix this error.
You're no longer muted.