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How to kill zombies with shotgun at the far distance (Tutor)

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You think that the shotguns are useless if the zombies are too far away? You might have to think again. Because in this thread, I'm going to show you how to kill zombies with shotgun even if the zombies are in the far distance.

Most of you may know that the best way to kill the zombies is shoot them in the head. And killing the zombies with shotguns is excellent (my hobby). But it only works in a certain distance, it seems to be useless when the targets are too far, especially with players. So how do we make a headshot to kill the zombies when they're too far? "Oh come on, just pull out your deagle, M4 or sniper rifle...". Well, let's make an example: the Army blew up your vehicle, and they left you behind. The only weapon that you have is the shotgun, you forgot to buy weapons or your deagle or M4, sniper are out of ammo. The zombies are coming closer and closer, so what are you gonna do? (Hey, don't use the /kill command cheater! What if it has been removed?) How are you gonna make it to the ammunition or find a vehicle before the zombies get you? Yea of course Run & Gun, duh. You see some zombies far ahead, you want to kill them to clear the way out, but they're too far, how? Here is how:


You all know that the shotguns are usually use the buckshot which will spread the pellets out in many different directions. The pellets will hit the targets weak or strong depends on the distance.

So look at our lovely gta sa crosshair

In gta sa, the pellets of the shotgun will only spread out in that circle no matter how far the target is

So it's best to headshot the zombies at close distances

But what if the target is too far away? Easy, raise the crosshair up, use the bottom of the crosshair like the grenade launcher iron sight. For example:

(Please notice that the picture above is not the actual range on the crosshair)

"So how do you know the exact distance from you to the target so that you can raise your crosshair about that far?" Well, I don't know lol. You're gonna have to guess, and that's where your shotgun skills will let people know that you're not a noob.

Raise it up.

And squeeze your trigger.

Don't worry if you can't make a headshot for the first shot, but it tells you where your first shot is so that you can adjust for your second one to take your target down. "Why do I have to spend my time to read this trash? I can run away from the zombies, you idiot!" Well, let's say you and your teammates are on the streets, they're surrounded by the zombies and you're very far away from them, you only have a shotgun left. What are you gonna do? Run away? Well, nice choice, bro, just don't let your leader be disappointed about you.

So I guess that's it, you can try this trick for combat shotgun or sawn-off, it works, too. Sometimes I like to do this trick with my shotgun, just for fun, you know. Don't believe this will help? Go find out yourself.
That is what I was gonna say :D
Works fine, good job!!
This idea would be very good with Sawed-Of!
Specially that i have 1000 skills in it xD.