Make Zombies Great Again!

Having a low FPS? Boost it up!

Various tips and tutorials.
1. This file you replace from your GTA SA -> Models folder. I'd boost your FPS to almost 5 - 10. [Download effectsPC.txd here>>> ]

2. The second item is called FPS Limit Adjuster. This overrides SA's 25 FPS frame limiter and limit it to a value you desire. Open GTA:SA, open up the software and set the value to 105. [Download FPS Adjuster here>>> ... tools/3060 ]

3. this will make your textures look bad, 'wankerized' you can say, but they give you almost a 20 FPS boost. [Download GTA Shrinker here>>> ] Don't worry though, it has an auto backup button if you want your textures back.

4. This will remove your clouds & dust and give you a VERY higher performance level. [Download it here>>> ... s2DeZQgnCI ]

Scared for a virus?? Here are some proofs:
File 1: ... 406979842/
File 2: ... 406980415/
File 3: ... 406980583/
File 4: ... 406980643/
If you still don't trust these files, You don't have to download it!
nice ones :D :D
JadeKnight13 wrote:nice ones :D :D
Thanks Jade!
Great topic. Can be of much help.
xGlover wrote:Great topic. Can be of much help.
Hope it will reduce the amount of timeouts.
Thanks! :3
It is amazing
Yo the 2 onem is it like in the advanced settings in GTA SA?