Make Zombies Great Again!

Video Tutorial Initiative

Media content (images, videos, etc.) about Epic-Row.
Earn Coins for contributing to the server by making video tutorials!

Image resolution must be 720p or higher
Your frame rate must be 55-60 FPS
MTA must run in full screen
Chat must be hidden: /showchat
The video must be edited to only contain the necessary parts of the tutorial
Some scenarios require a red circle effect which can be added using video editing software
No background noise or music (speaking is allowed, but only if it is in English)

  • You can choose any scenario listed below and make a video following the instructions.
  • Upload the video to:
  • Send me a private message with the link.
  • I will respond with the feedback.
Any questions regarding the requirements or instructions can be asked in this topic.

Recommended recording software:
Nvidia ShadowPlay
AMD Radeon™ ReLive


How to start [40 Coins]
Done by Blizzard

Ammunation [30 Coins]
Go to Ammunation
Select Weapons -> Colt-45
Buy 1 Colt-45
Select Ammo -> .45 round
Red circle the text that says "Colt-45"
Buy 200 rounds
Equip Colt-45
Shoot a few bullets

Shops [30 Coins]
Done by Blizzard

Vehicles [20 Coins]
Buy a car
Open vehicle panel
Spawn car
Enter car
Switch lights a couple of times
Exit the vehicle
Destroy the vehicle
Find an ambient vehicle
Claim the ambient vehicle
Drive the vehicle away from the shop
Go back to the shop on foot
Recover the vehicle

Fixing vehicles [20 Coins]
Find a damaged ambient vehicle
Drive it to Pay'n'Spray
Open its hud
Salvage the vehicle
Craft a vehicle repair kit
Take another damaged vehicle and repair it using the vehicle repair kit

Vehicle tunning [30 Coins]
Obtain Mechanic Tools from shelter defense
Dismantle some vehicles
Upgrade your vehicle

Phone [15 Coins]
This can be done in any order:
Play an animation
Open the browser and view the news
Take a selfie
Track someone on the map
Play some music
Type something in the notes
Write to someone in the SMS app
View someone's stats

Coins [30 Coins]
Done by Blizzard

Stats [20 Coins]
Requires you to have Colt-45 stat 999
Equip Colt-45
Show Colt-45 stat (999) in the inventory
Kill 4 zombies to see the skill upgrade popup
Transition into having two Colts-45s
Show Colt-45 stat (1000) in the inventory

Zombie types [15 Coins]
Done by Blizzard

Stealth [20 Coins]
Take a knife, silenced pistol and uzi
Enter a non alerted zone.
Walk behind a zombie's back
Kill a zombie with a knife and crouch back
Kill some zombies with a silenced pistol
Stand up and shoot into the air with a loud weapon to alert the zombies
Show how zombies start chasing you

Bosses [20 Coins]
Fight Chargex
Transition into fighting Nemesis
(Not required to defeat them to keep the video short)

Night mode [25 Coins]
Open settings
Enable local zombies
Turn on night mode
Transition into time 21:50
Wait until night begins
Turn on flashlight
Kill local zombies until a volatile shows up
Kill a volatile

Infection [30 Coins]
Get infected
Transition into having a side effect
Transition into becoming a zombie
Kill a human
Eat a human
Transition into each mutation and show it off
Transition into being human and getting infected
Use antidote to cure the infection

Shelter defense [15 Coins]
Go to shelter defense marker
Start a game
Transition into fighting zombies for a minute or so

PvP basics [10 Coins]
Done by Blizzard

Airdrops [5 Coins]
Go to an airdrop
Loot the airdrop

8-Ball Autos [5 Coins]
Done by Blizzard

Teamplay [10 Coins]
Show how you revive someone

Inventory [30 Coins]
Open inventory
Build a wooden board
Transition into having too many items and exceeding the weight limit
Red circle the text that says you are overencumbered
Drop something to reduce weight to less than the limit
Sprint a little to show that the overencumbered effect has been removed

Crafting [15 Coins]
Craft a vehicle repair kit

Aid [20 Coins]
Showcase each drug

Weed farm [10 Coins]
Loot some cannabis seeds
Go to weed farm
Plant some cannabis
Transition into having the cannabis ready
Harvest the cannabis
Transition into LA (outside of the crack palace)
Red circle the crack palace blip in the map
Make your way to the cannabis extraction marker
Make some weed
Use the weed from your inventory

Housing [20 Coins]
Kill global zombies until you get a house key drop
Use the house key
Transition into standing near the house
Enter the house
Loot the house

Bases [10 Coins]
Done by Blizzard

Modifications [20 Coins]
Go to
Download setup
Spawn Raindance
Enable vehicles
Fly a modded Raindance
Is 40 fps okay?
No, the FPS should be as stated in the requirements.
Is it okay if i have a common FPS drops to 40?