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Event: You know?

Server and forum events.
Hello guys, I come here to bring news.
With the permission and help of our Drakath administrator, will be starting to do events here in the forum.
Well the purpose of this event is primarily to bring knowledge about the game and our server for players. The event will be a series to be held at least once a week.
The event will run as follows, I will ask you a question Example:"You know how many Fridays we have this year?" the first to give the correct answer wins.
The reward for this event will be a normal code, it will be delivered through me via private message for the winner.
The event may happen at any time. Stay tuned.
Avoid putting more than one post in the topic, if you create more than one you will be disqualified from the event, use the post editor.
  • Rules:
    Only one answer per player.
    Only the first correct answer wins reward.
  • Rewards:
    Normal code.
Questions about the event you can post here, avoid creating questions on the topics of the event.
exactly 52 fridays !
Spring ^^ this was an example, it was not necessary to answer it.
52 fridays :p
ace , u dont have to answer it since xglover said it was an example , the real event is coming up soon
When will other event come?
Sorry, I was on a short vacation, but I'm back and the event will be back.
The answer is fifty-three
hi money code plz
deniz wrote:
Tue Jun 06, 2017 10:40 am
hi money code plz
Hi deniz money codes can be obtained by winning forum events or You can get them from Staff members in their Twitter or Facebook pages.