Fixed vehicle upgrades
Fixed warpPedIntoVehicle causing desync when two players try to enter at the same time via vehicle_enter and warpPedIntoVehicle
Fixed debug filename for compiled scripts
Fixed applying weapon mods may remove your weapon
Fixed crash when streaming in tec-9 with a replaced weapon model
Fixed console(F8) input focus begin lost sometimes
Fixed building removal crashing after loading/unloading a model 16 times
Fixed projectile-type weapons messing up ammo count
fixed guiCreateFont fails each second time resource is started
Fixed client ammo desync when using giveWeapon sometimes
Fixed guiLabelGetTextExtent not working with unicode
Fixed onColShapeHit isn't triggered for towed vehicles server side
Fixed GUI scrollpanes and scrollbars don't trigger onClientMouseEnter/Leave
Fixed warpPedIntoVehicle after cancelEvent() of onVehicleStartEnter causes network trouble
Fixed onPedWasted not triggered, when ped died because the vehicle he was in, exploded.
Fixed server createColPolygon
Fixed a crash when destroying an object in onClientColShapeHit / onClientElementColShapeHit
Fixed lightweight sync packet being misread on the client sometimes
Fixed getLatentEventHandles sometimes returning false instead of an empty table
Fixed setAccountData clips the digits after the decimal point
Fixed peds/players being removed from vehicles that fall through the ground