This update aims to further improve the competitive setting in PvP to deal with the growing demand for it.
From community feedback, we have gathered that competitive gameplay is stifled by two major issues: speed boosts and skin mods.

Zone speed
To deal with the first issue, we are introducing a voting system that the players will use to decide what game speed the PvP zone should have.
Currently, votes will include 3 options: 1x, 1.5x, and 2x.
This game speed will be enforced on all players inside the PvP zone regardless of what status effects they have.
Exiting the PvP zone will revert the game speed based on active status effects.
The speed vote will be cast every 30 minutes for all players who are in the PvP zone or were in the PvP zone in the last 10 minutes.
The 10-minute rule does not apply if the player had disconnected from the server during that time.

Skin mods
Ped and vehicle skin mods will be automatically disabled upon entering the PvP zone and will have to be manually re-enabled after exiting it.
An exception is made for ped skin texture mods.