Make Zombies Great Again!

Player blips & PvP

News and updates.
This is a small update aimed to improve PvP experience in the server.

Zombie player blips will no longer be visible to human players. Same rule applies the other way around.
Human player blip color has been changed to light grey to match Military team color.

To prevent new players from being exploited in PvP, a similar update has been added to map tracking feature.
The settings panel will now contain 3 different tracking modes.
By default this will be set to "Allow others to mark me outside of PvP", which means that other players will be able to mark you as long as they are not in a team that has PvP enabled with your team.
For example, zombie players won't be able to mark human players, but will be allowed to mark other zombies players. Survivors won't be allowed to mark anyone with this setting.

If a player gets marked and then switches to a different team, tracking blips will be removed for all players who are no longer eligible to track that player.
If a player changes their tracking setting, it will take effect immediately.

We are also changing PvP reward limits:
Human kills human: $10000
Zombie kills human: $5000
Human kills zombie: $2500
Incredible details Drakath, I was going to ask you to improve the gameplay of the zombies, this is great.