We have released a number of improvements and measures to prevent various exploits in the PvP zone and ensure a fair experience for everyone.

VIPs will no longer be able to warp inside the PvP zone with the exception of squad bases (warping from squad bases is also possible).
Military and PvP teams can no longer inflict damage to each other.
The PvP warning will now appear before entering the PvP zone.
The time until PvP is activated has been reduced to 3 seconds.
Combat Shotgun can no longer inflict headshots to players.
Some animations can no longer be played inside PvP zone.
The PvP zone has been expanded north to include some ocean area for naval battles.
Fixed disconnection penalties applying after death to zombie players.
Fixed combat timers not disappearing after dying.

New reward system
The amount of money that the killer takes from the victim will now depend on how much money the killer has. This means that players can only take as much money as they can lose. If the environment kills a player, the money loss only depends on the victim's money.
Rewards for players who are near spawn points have been completely disabled. This mean that no money will be lost when dying near a spawn point and no money will be gained for killing players near spawn points.