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News and updates.
This update includes a highly requested feature. We have created 3 brand new safehouses mapped by our mapper Hoyt.

To prevent the problem of there being a lack of houses, each safehouse can be bought by every player. This works similarly to private shamal interiors.

Every main base includes an apartment which you can purchase. Safehouses are indicated by a green arrow.
When purchased, keeping it requires paying rent every 30 days (prices differ per each safehouse).
If you fail to pay rent in the first 30 days, the next rent price will become 3 times higher.
If the rent is not paid for another 30 days, you will lose your safehouse.

Safehouses currently contain two utility features.

By jumping on the bed, you will start to slowly regenerate your health.

You can store up to 50 items. The maximum weight of each safe is 100.
In the event that you lose your safehouse, all of its items will be lost as well.

There is no limit to how many safehouses you can own, as long as the rent is being paid on time.
It is also possible to visit someone else's safehouse. To do that, it is required for the owner to be inside their safehouse.
By going to the green arrow, you can type in the name of the owner and request to visit their safehouse.
If the owner accepts the request, you will be transported to it.
Would other people be able to see our items stored in the safe house?
Linix [email protected] wrote:
Thu Jan 30, 2020 7:10 am
Would other people be able to see our items stored in the safe house?
No, the safe can only be opened by the owner.