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News and updates.
This update adds new graphic enhancements and settings that were previously only available through /lag command.
New graphic enhancements include: Depth of field, HD sky and texture details.
Vehicle reflection effect has been replaced with a new one that does not take a significant FPS toll. Water effect has also been remade.
Nyan Cat is now disabled by default. Players can still enable it in the graphic settings.
Some other game settings were added to the settings panel as well. The graphics category now includes hud, vegetation and bird settings. The misc category was supplemented with kill messages and chatbox settings.
Due to this change, /killmessages command has been removed.

Please note that some effects are not compatible with each other. For example, vehicle reflection prevents flashlight vehicle illumination from working. Texture details may overlay the reflection effect on some objects. Depth of field effect disables anti-aliasing on many GPUs. HD sky disables moon and in turn Nyan Cat.

/lag reset command can now reset all effects based on player settings.

Uff🔥 better!
The sky looks awesome
TheCactus wrote:
Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:18 pm
The sky looks awesome
As well as the textures.