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VIP 3.5

News and updates.
VIP system has been updated. A couple of new features were added and one was changed.

VIPs will now automatically spawn with armor equipped instead of having to take it via VIP panel.
The armor button in VIP panel was removed.
Armor is also planned to become purchasable in Ammunation for all players soon.

The VIP panel now allows you to customize your vehicle:
Tuning vehicle parts
Changing vehicle colors
Changing head light color
Setting vehicle paint job
Setting a custom plate text

Another feature introduced in this update is setting the weather.
Weather can be set by specifying its ID which is in range of 0-255 inclusive. Note that weather types from 45 to 255 tend to be buggy.
You can also reset the weather to one that all players see by clicking the "Reset weather" button.
Really cool tho I like it!!!