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Housing v3.6

News and updates.
The inventory feature has been integrated into the housing system. Players can now find various items when looting houses.
This includes a new item called medkit. Medkits are items located in the Aid category. The effect of medkit is to fully restore a player's health.
There is a 10% chance that a medkit will be found when looting a container found in any house.

House keys have been turned into items, which can be found in the Miscellaneous category. This means, that you can have as many house keys as you can carry.
There are three types of house keys:
SF house key - House in San Fierro
LS house key - House in Los Santos
LV house key - House in Las Venturas
New house key drop rate for global zombies is 2.5%.

Many new interiors and houses were added for you to explore.
The chance for finding unique houses has been increased to 2%.
Houses will now always be saved to your account so you can feel free to disconnect at any time.

You can now accept multiple invitations by typing: '/house accept [Inviter name]'; you can invite others by typing: '/house invite [Player name]'.
Players can accept invitations even if they already have a house. If done so, the old house is removed.
Player no longer needs to own a house in order to invite others.

With the release of ER-ZRPG 4.5.1, the zombie type setting will determine whether house zombies are local or global.

If you find any glitches, type: '/house id' to get the ID of the house and report it in forum.
Wow man, nice job i like it!
Nice update, now I can have many house keys! ;) ;) ;)