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Vehicles 1.5

News and updates.
Two new features were added in this update.

You can now descend from helicopters using ropes like SWAT teams do in Singleplayer.
To do that, simply press the 'x' key. Vehicle drivers are not able to descend.
Maximum helicopter altitude to descend from is 30 meters.

Shamal planes will now contain their own interiors.
This means that you can carry up to 8 passengers at once!
To enable your private jet interior, write: '/veh shamal' while piloting the plane.
After you enable it, any player who tries to enter your plane will enter its interior.
Vehicle owners are also able to enter such interiors as long as someone is piloting the plane.
If you would like to eject everyone from your private jet then type the command again or hide the vehicle.
In an event of vehicle owner disconnecting, every passenger will be ejected in mid air so bring up a parachute.
is it possible to add a script that gives everyone parachutes automatically? would prevent griefing and complaining if such things happen.

Love the new update btw, but pls add a multi-vehicle own system pls :) <3