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Squad bases

News and updates.
Squads are now able to purchase their own bases.
There are currently three new bases located in Las Venturas.
Each base is acquired in a different way. There is no limit of how many bases can a one squad have.

Police Department - 1000000 $
Motel - Free for #1 squad in the top list
Warehouse - 200 Coins

These bases include all basic shops (food, guns and vehicles).
When purchased, only the members of your squad will be able to enter the owned base.

There is no time limit of how long the base is owned, however there is a purchase protection expiration.
This means that once you buy a base, you will be guaranteed to have it for a minimum time frame of 30 days.
After that, the base will become purchasable again. Theoretically, if no one else decides to purchase your base, you will own it permanently.

Each squad base contains a cyan colored marker. Step on that marker to open the base window.
You can purchase or view when the base is going to be available for purchase there.
Bases can only be purchased by players whose squad rank is Lieutenant or higher.
Base zones are marked by a blue area on the map.
In overall update is good but 2 things .

1. There will be bases in other places expect pvp?
2. 10€ for a base for 30 days o.O . I dont think that anyone will ever bought.

But Update is good and probably will change pvp in few ways.
I Ran into a bug while entering the base with car(vdo- but was able to enter it on foot.