Make Zombies Great Again!


News and updates.
The third version of ER-ZRPG has finally come to an end so it is time for some big changes.
To not confuse anyone, Client Zombies will now be called Local Zombies and Server Zombies - Global Zombies.

General Changes & Updates

Stealth mechanics have been applied to local zombies.
Bosses are now immune to fall damage and every vehicle.
Zombie options panel has been tweaked.
The maximum amount of total global zombies in the server has been increased to 80.
Kill messages will now show which zombie killed a player.
Levels system 4.3 has been bundled in. It includes some bug fixes and leveling up is now harder as the required experience has been increased.
Blips were rewritten. Fixed a bug of one blip being visible from further than it should be.
Action logging has been improved in case of false Anti-Cheat alarms.
Added support for dimensional safezones.
DMT price has been increased to 3000 $ because it has become very useful.
Chargex finishing move money bonus has been reduced to 3000, main money reward to 7000.
Nemesis experience points reward has been changed to 500.
Nemesis synchronization has been improved. Thanks to Chillz for reporting.
Reduced the time it takes for Nemesis to shoot another rocket.
Zombie fighting has been improved and optimized.

Las Venturas

This city is now detailed in a post-apocalyptic environment. Some other updates are being planned for it.
Other than that, there is nothing special about it at the moment so you can just explore it.

Good Night, Good Luck.

The zombie options panel now allows you to enable the Night Mode. It requires you to be at least level 5.
Once enabled, the whole San Andreas will become a very dark and creepy place.
The night might get so very dark that you will not be able to see the environment. This is where the night vision goggles come in handy.
Night vision goggles were removed from both bases. They can now be purchased at the Ammun-Nation shops for 500 $.
Nighttime starts at 22:00 and ends at 06:00.
Killing local zombies at night will give you double experience points, however this pleasure comes with a price.
Every regular local zombie will have 80 health points instead of 60.
There is also a new local zombie called Volatile.
This zombie only appears at night. Volatiles are faster than any other zombie and they are able to climb the tallest buildings.
Each Volatile has 500 health points and gives 5 experience points once they are killed.
They do not suffer from fall damage and they are immune to headshots. Volatile punches inflict even more damage than global zombie punches.
The best option for a player who encounters a Volatile is to either kill him as fast as possible or to run.
Once a volatile detects you, he will start screaming and alert other nearby Volatiles. This is how a pursuit will start.
You will gain 1 wanted star every minute if you are in a Volatile's sight. With every wanted star, more Volatiles will come.
In order for a pursuit to end, you will have to get out of every Volatile's sight for longer than a minute.
If you manage to get 6 stars and then kill at least 15 Volatiles, they will retreat.
Stealth mechanics for Volatiles are a bit different. Alerted zones do not have an effect on them.
Every nearby Volatile will be alerted if at least one Volatile starts screaming. The rest is same, they can be alerted by shooting and explosion noise.
If you are crouched and if you do not make too much noise, they are not likely to detect you.

Volatiles have two special attacks:

The first one is the acid spit.
Volatiles will be able to spit acid into your face once they get very close to you.
This acid will blur your vision, temporarily choke you and inflict damage ranging from 10 to 50 health points.

The second special attack is taken from the L4D, The Smoker zombie. If you get too far away from the Volatile, he might attempt to wrap you in a rope and drag you back towards him. They can only perform this attack if there are no objects blocking the way.


A new type of infected has been added to the global zombies as well.
This zombie will explode once he is either killed or if he gets close enough to his target.
He has 150 health points and gives 3 experience points if you kill him.
Bombers are immune to headshots. They tend to be slower than other zombies so people can easily escape them.
This type of zombie has a 2 % chance to spawn per every global zombie.

First Person Mode

A first person mode has been added to enhance the playing experience.
You can toggle it by typing /fp
Shooting and aiming while in the first person mode can be pretty coarse so we do not recommend doing that.

Zombie Tower Defense

A fun mini-game has been added. Zombie tower defense is an activity where your objective is to defend a shelter from zombies.
These activities will appear at a random shelter every 10 minutes, similarly to how Chargex works except that there are multiple locations.
They can be indicated by the Fire blip on the map. Defending a shelter requires you to be at least level 14.
Zombies will come in waves. There are 10 waves in total. Every round, a bigger wave will come.
You will have 10 lives at start. If a zombie gets in the shelter, you will lose one live.
You can also play this together with your friends.
By successfully defending a shelter from zombies, you will gain 160 xp if you played with someone else, 200 xp if you played alone.
VIPs will get a 2000 $ bonus.

This release features zombie AI updates and many performance improvements.
Zombies will now be able to detect stairs and slopes, which will prevent them from needlessly jumping.
There were quite a few bugs fixes and the new optimizations should boost everyone's FPS a little bit.

Added new obstacle detection mechanics.
Improved overall performance.
Optimized the sound effects.
Nemesis can no longer spawn in the Restricted Area region.
Increased grenade price to 150 $.
Fixed Volatiles sometimes not retreating even if you kill 10 of them.
Fixed evolved zombies dying from Bomber explosions. Thanks to Myrfin222 for reporting.
Fixed Bombers being immune to some weapons such as Minigun.
Fixed global zombies sometimes getting stuck in each other when spawning in packs.
Fixed local walkers not giving double XP at night mode when you kill multiple zombies at once.
Fixed various issues regarding Nemesis.

This update continues what was left of with the ER-ZRPG 4.0 release.
The night mode is now as hard and creepy as it was supposed to be. Zombies and players will descend into the darkness just as everything else.
Every player will now own a flashlight which will guide them through the night. You can toggle it by clicking the 'o' key. It will only work at night with night mode enabled.
There were also some stealth improvements, especially for local zombies.
Due to some changes in the zombie options panel, all current settings will be reset.

Fixed global zombie head shots not increasing weapon stats.
Fixed double XP not being disabled after a safe zone is entered while in pursuit.
Fixed global zombies having a voice sometimes.
Fixed Volatile stealth problems.
Increased Volatile spawn chance.
Accelerated the pursuit process.
Players can no longer switch to global zombies while in pursuit.
Nerfed daytime local walker fighting abilities.
Added flashlights.
Improved night cycles.
Improved stealth mechanics.
Improved zombie options panel.

This version improves the old zombie spawning system and adds some new changes to the Nemesis.
Zombies will now spawn more randomly at different rates and they will have a lower chance of spawning on rooftops.
The spawning rates are reduced if you are in Las Venturas.
Local zombies: 2-5 seconds (6-12 seconds in LV).
Global zombies: 6-9 seconds (10-16 seconds in LV).
The area range in which local zombies spawn was increased.
A bug where zombies wouldn't spawn after a quick log in was fixed.

Nemesis health has been increased to 3000. A health bar was added to easily track his health.

This update also adds support for the new notifications system.

ER-ZRPG 4.3.1:
Fixed Nemesis health bar not disappearing.
Fixed Nemesis health bar not being updated after he resets his health.
Fixed Nemesis blip sometimes not disappearing after he dies.
Fixed other zombie boss problems introduced in 4.3
Fixed throwing satchel charges causing zombies to become alerted.

ER-ZRPG 4.4:
This update adds some enhancements for zombie bosses and is focused on general improvements.

New animations for Nemesis were added which makes him significantly slower. His attacks are now easier to avoid, however his punches are much more frequent.
Every Chargex attack now has a different interval instead of being predefined on spawn.
Both zombie bosses will now give double experience points to those with XP boosts activated.

Many major bugs such as local zombies not spawning or not dying when entering safe-zones were fixed.
Global zombies will now stop chasing players who enter the water and will not become alerted if the player is in water.
Zombie settings panel has been simplified. The limit settings will no longer appear when selecting the global zombie spawn mode as they have no effect for them.

Improved zombie settings panel (current settings were reset).
Fixed Nemesis being able to kill players in revive mode.
Fixed global zombies getting out of sync when spawning in packs.
Fixed local zombies not dying when entering a safe-zone.
Double XP boosts now works on zombie bosses.
Bombers can no longer sprint.
Improved Nemesis synchronization.
Added new animations for Nemesis.
Added Nemesis kill message when players dies from his punch.
Chargex attack intervals are now randomized.
AI improvements.
Fixed local zombies not being destroyed.
Fixed zombies sometimes not spawning.
Added new idle animation for zombies.

ER-ZRPG 4.4.1: Added support for dynamic skin and sound file loading.

ER-ZRPG 4.5:
This update integrates the inventory system. Zombies will now drop item pickups instead of adding an item straight to your inventory.
This way, you can select whether you want to loot the item or not.
Cannabis seed drop rate has been changed to 10%. There is 1% chance that the zombie will drop 2 units of cannabis seeds.

Players can now build wooden boards.
Wooden boards are new game elements that can temporarily hold off a group of zombies.
In order to build them, open your inventory and equip the wooden fence. It can be found in the Miscellaneous category.
Wooden boards can currently be acquired by looting zombies. Their drop rate is 1/30.

The restriction of using Jetpack when fighting Chargex has been removed.
Increased total maximum global zombies to 100.
Improved zombie AI.
Improved health synchronization.
Fixed dead Volatiles alerting others.
Dead local zombies no longer count into the zombie limit.
Each dead local zombie is now cleared individually instead of everyone at once.
Minigun no longer inflicts head shots to global zombies.
Fixed Bombers spawning in houses.
Fixed Bomber bodies not disappearing after explosion.
Fixed Nemesis losing immunity to certain weapons.

ER-ZRPG 4.5.1:
Improved house zombies.
Fixed local zombies not giving rewards.
Players no longer receive boss rewards if they are dead.

ER-ZRPG 4.5.2: Fixed some skin mods not taking effect.

ER-ZRPG 4.5.3: Added language support.

ER-ZRPG 4.5.4: Fixed local zombies not dropping house keys.

ER-ZRPG 4.5.5:
Updated Chargex finishing move message.
Fixed Chargex not having a kill animation.
Fixed bomber body not disappearing.

ER-ZRPG 4.5.6:
Fixed zombies not disappearing after dying by entering the safe zone.
Fixed zombies not spawning sometimes.

ER-ZRPG 4.5.7:
Added 4 new achievements.
Fixed one Volatile sound not being played.
Added ability to stealth kill unalerted Bombers. Bombers will not explode if they are stealth killed.

ER-ZRPG 4.5.8:
Zombies no longer chase zombie players unless provoked.
Fixed local zombies not attacking during idle animation.

ER-ZRPG 4.6:
This update addresses various bugs reported by the community and adds a few improvements. In addition, this release includes new health bars for zombie bosses and new stealth mechanics.

Zombie boss health bars were completely redesigned. Their health will now be indicated by a horizontal health bar.

Stealth improvements
There has been a lot of work on the stealth mechanics. We have noticed that not many players were interested in this feature and thus it has been made easier and more fun to use.
Zombies in un-alerted zones will no longer detect players who are not in their field of view. The field of view is lower if you are crouched.
In addition to hearing bullet and explosion sounds, zombies will now take into account the sound of your movement.
Sprinting makes the most noise, jogging makes a bit less, walking makes very little and moving while crouching makes virtually no noise.
When LOCAL zombies hear your movement, they will stop for a moment giving you a chance to kill them with a knife.
Vehicles make noise which will instantly attract nearby zombies. However, you can turn off the vehicle's engine to silence it.
Vehicles can now also be used as a cover, zombies will no longer be able to see through them.

Bug fixes
Fixed Nemesis health not decreasing sometimes (thanks to hasim for reporting).
Fixed health bar disappearing and/or showing incorrect health when multiple Nemesis are spawned.
Fixed health bar showing incorrect Chargex health.
Fixed Chargex being stuck in an animation sometimes.
Fixed global zombies chasing non spawned players.
Possibly fixed global zombies not spawning sometimes.

Bosses are no longer immune to satchel charges.
Global zombies will now prioritize closer targets.

Stealth mechanics
Health bars for bosses have been redesigned.
Improved Nemesis shooting.
Improved sound effect quality.
General performance improvements and optimizations.

ER-ZRPG 4.6.1: Fixed some bugs regarding Nemesis.
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