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Frequently Asked Question

Why is English language used in the server?
English is a world language, it can help us to maintain order on the server and meet people from all over the world.

How to install mods in MTA?
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How to donate via SMS?
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How to reduce lag?
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How I can get in-game money through the site?
You can get in-game money through the forum events or participating in the monthly 100k giveaway.

How do I get dual weapons and expertise in weapons?
Getting skill with weapons can make you get two weapons, or walk while you shot with your gun.
To achieve maximum skill with the weapon you need to kill 3000 zombies with the gun.
Every 3 zombies killed with the same weapon you get 1 skill point, to reach 1000 skill points you reach the maximum skill with the weapon.

How to spawn the Nemesis?
He can be born at any time while you kill zombies on the server, it has a chance to 1/1000 of spawn, this does not mean he will be born when you kill 1000 zombies. It just depends on your luck to him appear.
Good luck to spawn one.