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Account Related Questions

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Hello Epic-Row Team!

I came after a few month vacation from the server. I have noticed some new updates such as Infection and Achievements which seems pretty cool and
I can't wait to check them out! :)

But there are few things which I can't remember and find information regarding them in server's help menu.

Is there a limit for number of accounts per player in the server?
How to see if I have an email attached to my account or add one if there's none?
Another thing is that how many armor do I need to buy to completely fill up the armor bar?
1) You can have 2 accounts per serial/computer.
2) You need to remember what e-mail you have attached to your account. After you login you can change your e-mail pressing F1 > Settings.
3) You can buy 100 of armour.
Thanks xGlover.