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A Question

Ask questions here.
It's not only question from me . I asking it in the name of Community .
When any bigger update will be relised ?
I am asking becuse server is realy boring now .New player can see everything this server has to offer in about 10 Hours. In last 2-3 months there was only Bug Fixes etc . .
I am not saying that they are not important [Who want to play on buged server] But during this time , something new could be added .
Before somone say : ,,Do it by yourself then" .
I know that everyone have private life , and not always have a time to play etc .
Like me . If i got time to use Pc during work days it's a holy time...
Anyway . Are there any updates planed for near future ? That will add something new to server ?
Thank you for reading . I am waiting for replay from Staff and if posible Drakath .
Leave your comments and opinion if you have any .
That's all . Bye