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I wanted to state that the administration given to Hatred is unjusticel have got a few questions about this choice.
[img] First,how can somebody be a moderator for the turkish chat without being Turkish?
Secondly, vCATLI account was also in the appliance list.Why didn't you chose him?
Thirdly,how could Hatred be a chat moderator without being a translator?
And finally,why don't you trust emre3458 and YunusEmre29?
Hello there,to clarify the reasons of Hatred's approval,I would like to say this :
Firstly,Hatred is from Azerbaijan,and he speaks Azeri Turkish,or Turkish,however,this is
precisely the reason we didn't demand that he becomes a translator,because he's not
originally Turkish.
Secondly,vCATLI's application was denied due to his insufficient English skills.
Third,I've already explained this before.
Forth,both emre3458 and YunusEmre29 cannot be approved due to their insufficient English skills.
On the other hand,you may apply to be a Turkish Chat Mod if you find yourself fit.
Since he is Azerbayjani and there are a lot of differences between the Turkish in
Turkey and the Turkish in Azerbayjan.I also think that his English is not sufficent.
He is not qualifeld to be a moderator in the Turkish chat.It is not just because the
first rule in order to be a moderator for the Turkish chat is to live in Turkey and be Turkish
Hello there
There's no rule that states being Turkish is a requirement for becoming a Turkish Chat Moderator.
Even though his Turkish speaking skills shall be examined with time,we currently believe that he is qualified.