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Why the giveaways in Epic Row don't work?

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Why the giveaways (which you can win 100000 in-game money),which were available before,don't work anymore? I actually wanted to join this giveaway (I already did),but still,as I was told,they are not working anymore. Will you make them available again though?
Could you be more specific of what's the problem exactly?
I mean,when I joined the giveaway,I thought that it might work and after it ends on the pinpointed date,will it still give me the 100000 in-game money or it won't?
It's a raffle, one contestant is randomly selected when it ends.
But does it depends on how many people had joined in the giveaway or it does not depend on that? Because I joined in it and I am currently waiting for the giveaway to end.
I also forgot to mention about the entries (I currently have 4 out of 6),and does it depends on my entries? Or they are for the future giveaway entries or not?
The more entries you have, the bigger your chance to win is. At the moment there are 41 entries so if you have 4, your chance is 4/41 (about 9.76%).