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Turkish chat

Anything you want to talk about.
Hello EpicRow staff team you have not noticed mr death 66 have not been in the game for months and tr chatde rude violation of rules at the extreme extent me all the server knows and I play for about 3 years I am sure you will not regret that you will not regret me
I think application denied because your English not enough for your information...
I'm just only telling the truth I don't want block your work M.r. Drakath
Staff applications section isn't a place to chat ,You apply for a certain position >u get Accepted or denied,If you guys wanna chat/discuss something do it here.
To me it's just starting to smell fishy. MrDeath is inactive and somehow every single turk wants to be chat moderator although they lack a lot of English knowledge in general...
I have enough English knowledge .